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Snapchat – A terrible app, and an even worse stock

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Snapchat falls further from grace, falling to an all time low of $11USD just a few hours ago.

They should have taken the buyout offer when they were given it from Facebook. Maybe Evan Spiegal made a lot of money from the IPO, but I can assure you they will not stand the test of time.

The main reason being their ad platform is non-existent. Facebook and Google are able to make tonnes of cash because businesses can push their ads in a self-service style, whereas with Snapchat, they have not built out this functionality, and in addition have alienated their users with a crap new design.

As a millennial myself, I hate Snapchat, it’s supposed to be for my demographic (just!), but I have a hard time remembering conversations in Snapchat, and not to mention it lags my Sony Xperia XZ like crazy.

The dog face was nice, but not billion or even million dollar valuation nice.

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